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Setting goals, achieving them and keeping the client involved and informed from start to finish is what makes our solutions unique and powerful.

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Our Solution

WorkNation Consultancy Services is a new startup in today’s fast changing economy landscape. We specialize in the search and selection of human capital that will add substantial value to your business. We believe in partnering our clients to create human resource solutions that are unique to the companies concern.

WorkNation Consultancy Services, established In January, 2020 believes in the reward for work well done is an opportunity to do more.


Premier is our specialized Executive Search service. We have developed a personalised and customized process that helps us find the right candidate, rather than the first available candidate for our clients. It involves a rigorous and consultative process, including but not limited to, identifying the right industry and company grid, to locate relevant but passive job seeking professionals.


Organizations today have an ongoing need for the right talent for positions which are critical, niche and specific. Finding the right candidate as per the job specifications with the requisite qualifications and experience is the easier job. Matching candidate aspirations with the role, ensuring a good cultural fit, and the prevalence of other non-tangible traits requires from us a keener focus and insight.


Organizations operate in a dynamic business environment facing demand and supply uncertainties vis-a-vis the fluctuating talent market. It is increasingly important to be knowledgeable about the talent pool; current industry dynamics; and market intelligence. Also required is the knowledge of right talent branding, and a proper strategy framework to attract and hire the best talent.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.We help companies to plan their overall talent bank and manage the demand scale-up of their businesses.

Delivers to companies who require temporary or on demand technical resources. A consultant may be required for short time or specific duration for niche and specific technical work such as security/ risk assessment etc

Our Philosophy

The foundation of WorkNation Consultancy Services is built upon a strong reputation for professionalism, integrity and quality. This is the nucleus of our business practice.

Our Methodology

Our search consultants keep their fingers on the pulse of a vast network of key industry contacts constantly. Our consultants are constantly gathering data on top caliber candidates in the various and sectors in order to immediately and successfully meet challenges.

HR Solutions

We use traditional parameters of Executive search and selection to offer our clients a full spectrum Human Resource Solutions. The methods we follow are:

  • Corporate Human Resource policy
  • Procedure development
  • Personality profiling
  • Job Descriptions
  • Staff Assessments
  • Human Resource accounting


We provide the hiring managers with a better understanding of the fundamental personality traits of the people they hire, train and promote.

WorkNation Consultancy Services

Our Consultants develops a strategy to harness the power of the internet in the executive search process. We ensure that our high standards and commitment to quality and consistent for every costumer. We adopt a comprehensive and innovative approach to recruiting and training the employees.

Sector Practice

We have a bunch of expertise in their specific industry sectors. They understand client engagements armed with latest in market intelligence.

The industries we serve are:

  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking and Faineance
  • Life Sciences
  • Health Care
  • Oil and Gas
  • Retail
  • Call Centre
  • Manufacturing

Typical benefits that are passed on to our clients are:

  • Higher volume of work done at the required quality level while staying within the corporate budgets.
  • Higher volume of work done at the required quality level while staying within the corporate budgets.
  • Increased profitability (even when the product / version is about to be phased out)
  • Extended technical pool to address spikes in development and implementation requirements.
  • Transformation of high fixed overheads into variable overheads (Cost incurred only upon usage).

Our Core Compenteties

Our Compenteties lies in deep understanding of the sectors we serve and of the various functions of an organisation. Our consultants bring decades of domain expertise in the sectors they serve. We cater to the following sectors and functional areas:

Our Core Compenteties are:

  • IT, Digital & Technology
  • Non-IT
  • Functional
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Selection is a significant procedure because hiring good capital can help raise the overall activities of the organization.

The methods we adopt are:

  • Identifying Vacancies or New positions
  • Job analysis and Evaluation
  • Job description and Person Specifications
  • Internal recruitment Sourcing
  • External recruiting Sources
  • Short listing
  • Final interview rounds
  • Finalizing the hiring process
  • Evaluation and Control

Talant with the Right attitude and Aptitude

WorkNation Consultancy Services IT Resources, has sucessfully placed professionals with clients in various areas of technology including:

The methods we adopt are:

  • Enterprise software Applications (e.g. ERP,CRM,SCM,PLM,EAI,Business Intelligence,Billing)
  • Software Development Technologies (e.g Net,J2EE,Databases,Programming Languages,Middleware,web Services,SOA,Testing tools)
  • Hardware Infrastructure(e.g Servers,Data storage,Networking)
  • Utility Applications & Operating Systems(e.g.MS Exchange,Lotus Notes,UNIX,NT,LINUX)
  • Systems Management Software & Applications(e,g. Tivoli,Unicenter,Openview)
  • Voice & Data convergence(e.g. CTI,IVR,PBX,IP Telephony)
  • IT security,Audit and Compliance
  • Web designing, Multimedia and Electronic Gaming

Our Teams

At WorkNation Consultancy Services IT resources, we understand that a good IT hire is not just about finding talent with the right technical skills and knowledge. These candidates meet WorkNation Consultancy Services IT resources standards to deliver professional IT services with an integrated multidiscipilinary focus.

Sunil Vishwanath


Muthu CTO


Ramesh BS




Our Teams

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